Rode the New NY/NJ PATH train today

August 20, 2009

The New PATH Train cars

The New PATH Train cars

A NYC real estate agent relies on the daily use of public transportation and NYC has the best subway system, IMHO.  Today, I had the opportunity to ride the newest cars from the New York / New Jersey PATH system and I have to say, great job!  They kept the amenities and features to a minimum which I agree with since the whole job of the PATH is to get you from point A to point B quickly.  The noticeable differences were in the things that we as a society seem to drown out with our mp3 players, pocket PCs and the occasional shut eye. These differences were the decreased decibels coming from outside or otherwise known as “cabin noise” and the surprisingly smoother ride.  In all honesty, there were a few moments where I thought the train was just moving at a snail like pace but then I glance out the window and we are moving at standard speed.  The cabin is brighter and more inviting with a choice of blue and white as ambient colors.  The digital display clearly shows where you are going and the loudspeaker announcements are loud and concise.  In short, I was impressed that they kept it simple and concentrated on what matters most: a smooth 15 minute ride!

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