I am a Rental Agent; Really?

September 9, 2009

Exclamation_Point_200X150It amazing to me! I deal with agents and brokers all day long but most of them don’t get it! To me the essence of being an agent/broker is simple, expedite the clients experience, but not all agents get this simple concept. Our job is basic, first we must be extremely educated about our marketplace, we must know the entire inventory (in our area) to serve our clients. Once you have that education; which takes time, you’ll be a good agent/broker.  Here are a couple of great suggestions.

             Rental Agents

  • Narrow and Deep: The City is a huge place, if you’re working with clients who want apartments in completely different areas, your “chasing”, and probably not doing your clients a service. Think about doctors, usually they have specialties; Broker/agents should be the same way! Clients are hiring you for your expertise, if you work the whole city you’re basically a jack of all trades and an ace of none.
  • Limits: 3 to 5 apartments are a lot! When you’re showing apartments, show the best you got, if you’re touring a client, and you’re showing 10 to 15 apartments, you’re not doing your job. Think about it, a client tells you what they want; give it to them. If you know inside, that you are showing the best that’s out there because you did the work, stick to your guns! Showing inferior inventory can only hurt your credibility!
  • Qualify, Qualify, Qualify: What is a Client? I’ve heard many answers to this question but I feel there is only one right answer. A client is someone who values their time more than their money; plain and simple. Remember we expedite a client’s experience which means we save their time. If a client doesn’t value their time more than their money, odds are they’ll find something on their own!

Being a Rental Agent in New York City can be very stressful, I understand, but we do bring some of it on to ourselves. The difference between successful agents, and non successful agents is easy, Effort! Do the work, and the results will follow!

Cornelius Nerich
Benjamin James Real Estate
Listing Director/Associate Broker

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