Best Apartment Deal – From the Ground UP.

October 1, 2009

I’m currently showing this gorgeous prewar apartment in the East Village and I want to make my case for living on a first floor. I get a lot of phone calls about well priced East Village apartments, but often callers hang up when I tell them it’s located on the fourth or fifth floor. I tell them, “Well that’s why it’s so well priced!” Walking up three to five flights of stairs will usually get you a bigger, better space.

Having stated my case, I urge everyone to consider life on the first floor in the East Village. Many people are avidly against living on the first floor of an apartment building yet this is a golden opportunity to get a great space at a discount, and you don’t have to climb hundreds of stairs to get there! In fact, you can come and go from long trips or with your laundry/groceries without any hassle.

This particular East Village apartment I am showing is a grand two bedroom, easily converted into three bedrooms. There is tons of prewar charm and original details: high ceilings, crown molding, beautiful herringbone floors, and large rooms. The bedrooms are large, much like the great sized rooms you get in those old prewar buildings on the Upper West Side, but in this case it is situated in the younger, much hipper East Village.

This is the only apartment like it in this building, and do you may wonder why?!?! BECAUSE IT’S ON THE FIRST FLOOR! Yes you got it, First floor apartments usually have higher ceilings and more room, because buildings are often configured with a standard layout that doesn’t apply on the ground floor. First floor apartments are an opportunity to have something different.

Let’s not forget that you get more space for your money. This apartment would easily be $4,000 or more just one flight up. So why pay more to walk up an extra flight of stairs when this first floor apartment is only $3650. That is a rhetorical question considering in this economic climate everyone is looking for a deal, and I say look at an even better deal right here. At least take a look, you might find your aversion to first floor living was imbedded in your brain long ago when you first moved to the city and your parents convinced you that east village crack heads that would come knocking on your door:) Well, to the dismay of many locals who remember when the Musical “RENT” was an accurate depiction of the local fare, the gentrification of the area actually makes the “RENT” scenario more of an anachronism.

You can view this listing here

To Contact Pia Dubitsky you can call her @ (917) 882-6437 or email her @ pia[at]benjaminjames[dot]com


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