James Ferrari: We are here to stay.

December 2, 2009

***UPDATE*** 12/4/09: Here is the article released in The Real Deal that was referenced below http://therealdeal.com/newyork/articles/james-ferrari-founder-of-benjamin-james-real-estate-says-firm-to-stay-in-business-try-new-model


Here is James Ferrari’s response to an article in The Real Deal.

Yesterday I had a spontaneous conversation with Candace from The Real Deal. I am looking forward to reading some of what Candace and I covered. In the meantime, I wanted to convey my thoughts on Douglas’ departure and the firms’ future.  I respect Douglas’ life decision and wish him luck in his new venture, he is my bro! I also want to make clear that Benjamin James is still open and it is business as usual, actually its mission statement and mandate has entirely changed and all shall see this. Just like Douglas made a life choice, I decided 5 years ago to build a career in, social enterprise, films, music, art, etc; and now I am quite excited to be in the real estate chairman role at Benjamin James again.

I do have some clear cut business plans which I am initiating and look forward to the future of Benjamin James Real Estate as a formidable player in the New York rental market.  If you take our current agents/staff, Chelsea location, generous advertising dollars, solid landlord relationships, internet marketing with our online marketing specialist, 16 year old brand name and couple that with my future growth model (philanthropy, re-opening of SoHo, etc…) we are sure to rise above and become the quintessential “come-back kids”.

Please stay tuned for future updates and you can follow our growth via Facebook, Twitter or our Blog.

We would like to thank Candace Taylor and The Real Deal for their time.

James Ferrari


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