Paladino: Eminent Domain Could Block Islamic Community Center

July 23, 2010

None of the opinions contained herein represent the opinion of Benjamin James Real Estate or its agents.

Carl Paladino has promised New Yorkers that if he is elected, he will use eminent domain to halt construction on an Islamic community center, also known as the “Ground Zero mosque.” For those against the community center, Paladino is honoring the memories of those killed in the September 11th attacks and protecting their families from a building that would rub salt in their emotional wounds. For those in favor of the community center, Paladino promise threatens First Amendment rights, particularly religious freedom, and unfairly discriminates against Muslim-Americans.

While Benjamin James Real Estate is not taking an official stance on this debate, we are curious as to how you feel about this latest development, particularly using eminent domain to halt controversial building projects. As a general policy, are you comfortable with this use of eminent domain? In this case, do you believe that the local government would be right or wrong to use it? Please comment below and let us know what you think.

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