Apartment Fires: Cause and Prevention

July 31, 2010

People prepare for a variety of disasters or inconveniences. They hide extra keys in fake rocks in case they get locked out. They put extra locks on the doors and have doormen or video intercom systems to keep robbers out. One situation that people sometimes forget to prepare for is a fire, and fires can get out of hand very quickly if people are caught off-guard.

A few days ago, Rented Spaces published an article about fire safety in apartment buildings, and we thought it was important to share it with our readers. They cover everything from smoke alarms to an evacuation plan as well as potential risk factors like candles, space heaters, and power strips. We highly recommend reading over their suggestions and implementing them into your home.

To read the full article, click here or go to http://www.rentedspaces.com/2010/07/29/fire-prevention-tips-keep-renters-safe/.

Be sure to go to our informational site Neighborhood NYC at http://www.neighborhoodnyc.com to check out apartment buildings in all neighborhoods of Manhattan.


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