Roommate Wanted, iPhone Users Need Not Apply

August 6, 2010

At Benjamin James Real Estate, we love a terrible roommate story (see Worst Roommates on Craigslist Parts 1 and 2), so when we saw this post on Gizmodo, we had to share it with you.

There has been a lot of backlash over the iPhone 4 over issues with phone reception, but more recently, there has been backlash against people who use iPhones and other Apple products. Vince Thomas has such a strong hatred for Apple users that in his Craigslist roommate-wanted ad, he wrote:

I have two major criteria

1) NO IPHONE USERS. I refuse to live with anyone who has sold their immortal soul to Steve Jobs. I don’t care about your app that tells you when you need to water your plants. I don’t care that your phone can function as a Speak N Spell. I don’t care that your phone has a million “exciting” features that exist elsewhere. NO IPHONES. Oh, and probably no iPads, either. Upon meeting, you must show me your phone (no scammers! I will be calling it in person to confirm that it is indeed your phone)

I know what you must be wondering. What was Vince’s second major criterion? Was it doing the dishes, picking up dirty clothes, or having a vegan lifestyle?

2) STARCRAFT 2 experience is a big plus. If you play, please post a link to your profile. The more experience, the better. No bronze leaguers.

Oh boy.

To see the original ad, click here or go to

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