Religion and Roommates

August 9, 2010

For some folks in New York, religion means going to church on Easter and Christmas Eve. For others, however, faith is so much a part of their life that they have to factor it in when searching for roommates or a new apartment.

Faith can affect a living situation in a major way from making certain that a kitchen is kosher to making certain that a roommate will be okay with Islamic prayers five times a day. In a big city like New York, it is not as difficult to find a roommate or a community with similar beliefs. Last week, the New York Times did a wonderful piece called “Sharing the Faith, Splitting the Rent” that looked at individuals seeking roommates with similar values as well as larger faith communities like Radical Living.

To read the original article, go to and leave a comment below. Does faith factor into your living situation? Would you care if a roommate practiced their religious beliefs in your apartment? Let us know what you think!

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