Wanted: New Neighbors, No Kids, No Cats

August 10, 2010

At Benjamin James Real Estate, we are big fans of Rented Spaces’ column Apartment Guru. We think that the column offers great advice from how to deal with tenants who are smoking marijuana to getting a good night’s sleep when the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking and handling a passive-aggressive roommate.

This week, the Apartment Guru is tackling the uncertainty of new neighbors and whether it is against the law to encourage couples with children or cats to look elsewhere for their new home. Can “Discerning, Not Discriminating” do anything to prevent the pitter-patter of little feet or conflict between their dog and a new neighbor’s cat? Click here or go to http://www.rentedspaces.com/2010/08/09/the-search-for-new-neighbors/ to read the column.

Check out residential buildings across the city at our informational site Neighborhood NYC at http://www.neighborhoodnyc.com/.


One Response to “Wanted: New Neighbors, No Kids, No Cats”

  1. […] have mentioned Rented Spaces’ column Apartment Guru over on the Benjamin James WordPress site because she deals with a wide range of problems and doles out great advice for […]

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