New York City Council Approves 15 Penn Plaza

August 26, 2010

The New York City Council voted to approve a new building project named 15 Penn Plaza after rejecting arguments by Anthony Malkin, the owner of the Empire State Building.

Developers of 15 Penn Plaza say that the building will be 67 stories and stand at 1,190 feet tall. Malkin argued that 15 Penn Plaza will change the New York skyline for the worse and hurt the view of the Empire State Building, but the council was unconvinced, voting overwhelmingly in favor of the project.

Mayor Bloomberg was also unconvinced by Malkin’s argument saying, “Anybody that builds a building in New York City changes its skyline – we don’t have to run around to every other owner and apologize. One guy owns a building, he’d liked to have it be the only tall building – I’m sorry, that’s not the real world.”

To see rendered pictures of 15 Penn Plaza and read more about the project, go to


One Response to “New York City Council Approves 15 Penn Plaza”

  1. Eric Moore Says:

    Just what NYC needs right now – a new skyscraper? I wonder how much payola was involved in getting that through the bureaucracy right now

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