Real estate agent Brad J. Lamb has been seen on HGTV’s Big City Broker, but he has been getting more publicity as of late for a bizarre poster ad for his business.

Playing off of his last name Lamb, his head is photoshopped onto a lamb’s body, and he is shown with his “team of experts,” which I guess are the four other normal lambs in the ad. Online, his ads have been called “totally creepy,” and some have suggested that Brad Lamb “needs help.”

What do you think? Is Brad Lamb’s campaign funny or creepy? Will it attract new customers or scare them away? Comment below and let us know what you think!


Rented Spaces, The Real Deal, and NY Curbed get a lot of attention on our blog, but we wanted to point out a great news story put together by NY1.

When purchasing or selling an apartment, it can be difficult sometimes to know when you are asking too much or not enough and when to say yes to an offer. NY1’s video and written news story walks buyers and sellers through the negotiation process and offers advice to both sides on reaching a fair deal that will leave everyone satisfied.

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A recent trend at bridal shops is a suggested limit on the bride’s entourage because having too many voices and opinions can be overwhelming. Lately, many New York City real estate agents wish that they could put a similar limit on their clients’ entourage as folks are bringing their parents, friends, decorators, and casual acquaintances before deciding on an apartment.

Last month, New York Magazine covered this trend in their article Just One More Look. They interviewed Jeffrey Schleider of Miron Properties and Adriano Hultmann of Prudential Douglas Elliman, both of whom have experienced wishy-washy buyers.

Schleider tells New York Magazine, “I had one person come back three additional times. First he came with his mother, then a girlfriend and co-worker, and then an interior design and a painter. This is all before putting together a number.” The most frustrating part was that after all this work and time, the client decided not to buy the apartment.

Why are clients feeling more comfortable taking their time? Schleider thinks that the poor economy is a major factor. Buyers want to be more cautious with their investments, so they want confirmation that they are making the right decision from lots of people who have their best interests at heart. Schleider explains, “They want to make sure that if they’re going to do it, they’re going to do it right.

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New York real estate agent Matthew Lenahan has been chosen for the next season of CBS’ hit reality series “Survivor.”

Lenahan will be joining former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson and 18 other contestants in “Survivor: Nicaragua.” Lenahan works mainly in Harlem selling high-end penthouses, and he claims to be one of the fastest distance runners in the country.

Lenahan, also known as “Sash,” has already made it known that his background in real estate sales will help him win over the competition, particularly the women. He claims to be quite the ladies’ man and says that he enjoys “extreme adventures, running, and dating beautiful women.”

To read more about Lenahan, check out the full article at, and watch “Sash” on the premiere of “Survivor: Nicaragua” Wednesday, September 15 at 8 PM, 7 Central Time.

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Between the Benjamin James Real Estate blog and Neighborhood NYC, we have done a lot of articles about how to deal with co-op boards from discovering your online reputation to prepping your dog for a board interview and making sure your kids aren’t members of any hate groups on Facebook.

One part of the process that we have yet to cover, however, is submitting letters of recommendation. Placing your reputation in the hands of a friend or colleague can be nerve-wracking, but at the same time if you get back an overly glowing letter, don’t be too quick to gloat. BrickUnderground did a fantastic semi-humorous piece on “what [letters of recommendation] say…and what they mean.”

This gem is my favorite of bunch:

“Mr. L’s finances are impeccable and he would make an excellent coop board treasurer.”
Translation: Mark always holds our cash when we go to Vegas on a junket.

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This morning, Eli Weinstein was arrested after real estate investors claimed that he scammed them out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Weinstein may call New Jersey home, but his investors are American, British, and Israeli. According to the official complaint, Weinstein talked investors into putting down money for properties Weinstein claimed to own but in reality did not own.

Whether the charges of Weinstein are true or not, his story is a cautionary tale for those looking to invest in real estate. Many of his supposed victims say that they place their trust in him too easily because he was a friend or a long-time acquaintance. When investing in anything, whether it is real estate or other ventures, make certain that the person is reputable. Do not rely upon the fact that you know the person involved. Get all the facts before putting down any money.

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On Monday, I posted a blog about radio personality Rush Limbaugh selling his Manhattan apartment and leaving New York. Interestingly enough, his apartment also recently made the Huffington Post’s Top Ten List of Hottest Luxury Homes. It is very rare that the Huffington Post has anything positive to say in regards to Rush Limbaugh, so this is something that is unlikely to happen ever again.

Check out the article here or go to Look at the pictures and let us know if you think his apartment deserves to make the top ten list.

Housing Watch posted this article in response to the Russian spy ring’s connection to the real estate world. The title is silly, but the article actually has great common sense advice for apartment hunters including checking out your agent on social networking sites like Facebook and checking out their transactional history.

Check out the link here or go to Let us know what you think or leave advice for other apartment hunters who suspect that their agent might not be who they say they are.

***UPDATE*** 12/4/09: Here is the article released in The Real Deal that was referenced below


Here is James Ferrari’s response to an article in The Real Deal.

Yesterday I had a spontaneous conversation with Candace from The Real Deal. I am looking forward to reading some of what Candace and I covered. In the meantime, I wanted to convey my thoughts on Douglas’ departure and the firms’ future.  I respect Douglas’ life decision and wish him luck in his new venture, he is my bro! I also want to make clear that Benjamin James is still open and it is business as usual, actually its mission statement and mandate has entirely changed and all shall see this. Just like Douglas made a life choice, I decided 5 years ago to build a career in, social enterprise, films, music, art, etc; and now I am quite excited to be in the real estate chairman role at Benjamin James again.

I do have some clear cut business plans which I am initiating and look forward to the future of Benjamin James Real Estate as a formidable player in the New York rental market.  If you take our current agents/staff, Chelsea location, generous advertising dollars, solid landlord relationships, internet marketing with our online marketing specialist, 16 year old brand name and couple that with my future growth model (philanthropy, re-opening of SoHo, etc…) we are sure to rise above and become the quintessential “come-back kids”.

Please stay tuned for future updates and you can follow our growth via Facebook, Twitter or our Blog.

We would like to thank Candace Taylor and The Real Deal for their time.

James Ferrari

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