The Hotel Chelsea, once home to playwrights Arthur Miller and Thomas Wolfe, is up for sale.

When it was built in 1883, Hotel Chelsea was the first co-op apartment building in New York City, and the building served as both a 101-unit co-op and 125-room hotel. Throughout its history, it has housed musicians like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix, and it was also infamous for the death of Dylan Thomas and the stabbing of Nancy Spungen allegedly by her boyfriend Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.

Hotel Chelsea shareholder and board member Paul Brounstein told the Associated Press, “It is time to let a new owner, with perhaps some new innovative ideas and resources, to re-energise and revitalize the Chelsea.”

Some residents like Tim Sullivan are anxious about the sale, warning potential buyers, “They’re going to have to deal with a hundred people who have lived here 30 years, and we don’t take too lightly to, you know, turning it into a McDonald’s.” Other residents like David Linter aren’t as worried. When asked how he felt about potential changes, Linter shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I’m sure that’ll affect me, but that’s okay by me. I don’t mind being affected by things. I just go with it, you know? I’m a ‘60s guy. I go with the flow.”

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The past few weeks have been an exciting time for actor/singer Justin Timberlake. His performance in The Social Network is garnering Oscar buzz, and he is rumored to be selling his loft in Tribeca and picking up a new penthouse in SoHo.

Timberlake purchased his 3 bed/3 bath loft only two years ago. Located at 414 Washington Street, he is currently within walking distance from St. John’s Park, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Tribeca, and the Hudson River Greenway. According to reports, Timberlake will be moving to the SoHo Mews.

Whether this move is real or not, it is sure to shake up the paparazzi for a little while, and Timberlake’s fans will be flocking to SoHo, hoping to see the famous singer/actor out and about.

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There have been rumors about Derek Jeter proposing to girlfriend Minka Kelly, and with Jeter putting his apartment on the market, those rumors are looking more likely.

Jeter has been living in his 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath penthouse apartment at Trump World Tower since 2001. He originally purchased the apartment for $12.6 million, and it comes with a chef’s eat-in kitchen, dining room, den, and living room with fireplace.

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New Yorkers often complain about the size of their bathroom, but after this week, Mark Malkoff will have a good reason to complain. Malkoff will be spending five full days in his apartment bathroom.

Malkoff went into his bathroom on Monday at 11:30 AM and won’t be coming out until Saturday morning. He left his phone and computer with his wife, so he will be disconnected from the internet and forced to work on projects he has been procrastinating on. Among his goals for the week, he wants to memorize the names of all U.S. presidents in chronological order, learn to sew on a button, write letters to friends and family, memorize the Sermon on the Mount, and if that weren’t enough, learn how to play “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on guitar.

If his wife feels neglected during this week, he can cheer her up when he emerges with his list entitled “99 Reasons Why I Love My Wife.” I suggest that if he gets stuck on the last few reasons, Malkoff should include, “Because she let me lock myself in a bathroom for a week.”

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This story isn’t in Manhattan, but it was so ridiculous that we felt compelled to share it. Enjoy the idiocy, and happy Friday the 13th!

Ira Rennert’s Sagaponack mansion is the biggest house in the United States. The house, referred to as Fair Field by Rennert, has 29 bedrooms, a synagogue, a play house, 2 tennis courts, and a basketball court. Somehow, however, this is not enough. Fair Field has 39 bathrooms, but Rennert would like to make it an even 40 by adding an outdoor bathroom. Unfortunately, Southampton residents don’t think that they need yet another bathroom.

I am fortunate to have a decent-sized bathroom in my apartment. I have absolutely no reason to complain, but for the many New Yorkers who have to squeeze into an undersized bathroom, Rennert is getting no sympathy from me. If someone cannot make it to one of the 39 bathrooms, then perhaps they should get checked out by a doctor to make sure that their bladder is working as it should. 39 bathrooms is already excessive, so I would like to suggest to Rennert that maybe the money used to build another bathroom could be better used elsewhere. He could surprise a friend or family member with a gift or take a night out on the town. Better yet, he could donate the money towards the Bladder & Bowel Foundation ( if he still wants that money to help a full bladder in need.

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New York real estate agent Matthew Lenahan has been chosen for the next season of CBS’ hit reality series “Survivor.”

Lenahan will be joining former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson and 18 other contestants in “Survivor: Nicaragua.” Lenahan works mainly in Harlem selling high-end penthouses, and he claims to be one of the fastest distance runners in the country.

Lenahan, also known as “Sash,” has already made it known that his background in real estate sales will help him win over the competition, particularly the women. He claims to be quite the ladies’ man and says that he enjoys “extreme adventures, running, and dating beautiful women.”

To read more about Lenahan, check out the full article at, and watch “Sash” on the premiere of “Survivor: Nicaragua” Wednesday, September 15 at 8 PM, 7 Central Time.

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Heidi Klum is in New York filming the new season of Project Runway, and she and her family are certainly not skimping when it comes to their home away from home.

While here in the city, Klum and husband Seal are living with their four children at 400 West Street, a five-bedroom glass townhouse in the West Village. The building comes with a garage, combination basketball court and screening room, and outdoor entertaining space.

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Dylan McDermott, best recognized for his starring role on TV’s The Practice, has purchased a one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea.

The $701,000 apartment comes with a large kitchen, living room with fireplace, and a balcony. Location-wise, McDermott will be a few blocks from the popular Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, the Joyce Theatre, and Benjamin James Real Estate’s main Chelsea location.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Dylan! We love Chelsea, and we know that you will too!

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Yesterday, we reported that the Community Board 8 had voted in favor of making the Marx Brothers’ Upper East Side childhood home a New York landmark, sending the decision along to the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Unfortunately, the LPC announced that they wrote a letter against making it into a landmark, and now fans and supporters are speaking out, specifically against NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick.

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The Marx Brothers were masters of comedy in their time and classic characters today, and their Upper East Side childhood home will soon be a New York landmark. The Landmarks Committee of Community Board 8 voted that the Marx Brothers’ former home, located at 179 East 93rd Street, be a part of the Carnegie Hill Historic District.

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