The past few weeks have been an exciting time for actor/singer Justin Timberlake. His performance in The Social Network is garnering Oscar buzz, and he is rumored to be selling his loft in Tribeca and picking up a new penthouse in SoHo.

Timberlake purchased his 3 bed/3 bath loft only two years ago. Located at 414 Washington Street, he is currently within walking distance from St. John’s Park, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Tribeca, and the Hudson River Greenway. According to reports, Timberlake will be moving to the SoHo Mews.

Whether this move is real or not, it is sure to shake up the paparazzi for a little while, and Timberlake’s fans will be flocking to SoHo, hoping to see the famous singer/actor out and about.

Go to to check out other residential buildings in the SoHo area, and go to to see pictures of Timberlake’s Tribeca apartment.


Paul Haggis, best known for directing Crash and writing Million Dollar Baby, has purchased a large loft-style apartment in SoHo. The $3.95 million home features 11-foot high ceilings, limestone baths, and a 6-foot Waterworks soaking tub.

To read more about Haggis’ new apartment, check out the article here or go to

A Manhattan Loft

A Manhattan Loft

After being away from NYC for several years, I was pleasantly surprised at the price reductions on apartments and lofts in the areas of Soho and TriBeCa. After being a real estate broker for over 16 years, I had watched loft prices rise and rise to a completely unaffordable price point – or at least unaffordable to most potential dwellers. Why should lofts in Soho or TriBeCa be so expensive? It made me sad because I grew up in a loft in Soho.

There are lofts with extremely high end finishes and are designed by top designers which are featured in Architectural Digest etc…However, there were and are plenty of lofts that are well appointed, yet are not design dream boats. Regardless, landlords were charging exorbitant rents for the more rustic spaces, no different than the well appointed lofts.  It was sad really.  Prices had reached a critical high.  I decided at that point to stop being a broker and move out to the Hamptons and spend my time surfing.

Now I have returned to Manhattan, and I am very pleased to see lofts prices and apartment prices in the Downtown area return to more realistic price points. I’m pleased to work with landlords that are negotiable with their rents, to a realistic point, and have once again put myself in a position to represent a very healthy amount of properties in the West Village, Soho and Tribeca. I won’t forget the East Village either. The inventory is plenty and I can once again feel good about finding people homes they love and can afford.


Here are some price examples:

$8,900.00 down from $10,500.00 for a  2500 square foot  loft in Tribeca
$5,200.00 down from $6,500.00 for a 1900 square foot loft in Soho
$4250.00 even $4000 down from $5000
$3500 down from $4000……………………… get the idea.

I’m accessible and you can call me if you want to check these deals out.

I can be reached by phone: 917-653-5257 or Email

You can also view some of my inventory here:

Tiger Koehn

The quintessential Tribeca block – White between Church and Broadway features a brand new renovated Landmarked Building originally built in 1865! These gorgeous street level live/work triplexes offer twelve and fourteen foot ceilings, triple pane sound and heat retaining windows, original cast iron columns, Oak cabinets, Extra-Deep under mount stainless steel sinks, granite kitchen counters, GE Profile Stainless Steel appliances and every apartment comes equipped with a Maytag Washer/Dryer in your apartment! Each bathroom is original and features slate, mosaic tile, above cabinet China wash basins, frosted glass vanities. The larger units include dressing rooms and twenty-five foot wide living rooms! Some units offer outdoor space. All come equipped with video intercom. Call Neil Nerich at Benjamin James, and put his years of experience in Manhattan real estate to work for you. As members of REBNY there is not a door in NYC we can’t open for you. We bring you the most real-time listings currently available on the market, and update our ads on an hourly basis. Call now (we’ll actually pick up the phone!), speak with one of our agents, and visit this apartment TODAY. The only thing that is more valuable than our time is yours. Call now.