Treehouse Envy

August 30, 2010

People complain about their neighbors for a number of reasons from noisy pets to loud music or crying children, but this is the first time that I have heard of someone complaining because their neighbor has a really awesome treehouse.

Melinda Hackett already had a few strikes against her with one of her neighbors, and those strikes were her three daughters and two dogs. When she asked Nick Cohen and Ashley Koral to build her a round treehouse, she ran into trouble. The police were called, and they asked if she had a permit for the treehouse. Luckily, Hackett knew an architect who got the treehouse land marked by the city.

As someone who grew up with a beautiful playhouse, I think it is great that Hackett’s kids have a new place to hide out and play. As a New Yorker, I love the quirky design of the treehouse, and I am glad that a cranky neighbor wasn’t able to shut down something this wonderfully creative.

To read more about the treehouse and see more pictures, go to To read about residential buildings all around Manhattan, check out Neighborhood NYC at


Heidi Klum is in New York filming the new season of Project Runway, and she and her family are certainly not skimping when it comes to their home away from home.

While here in the city, Klum and husband Seal are living with their four children at 400 West Street, a five-bedroom glass townhouse in the West Village. The building comes with a garage, combination basketball court and screening room, and outdoor entertaining space.

To see inside 400 West Street, check out this fantastic video put together by New York Magazine, and to see more residential buildings in the West Village, click here or go to

A Manhattan Loft

A Manhattan Loft

After being away from NYC for several years, I was pleasantly surprised at the price reductions on apartments and lofts in the areas of Soho and TriBeCa. After being a real estate broker for over 16 years, I had watched loft prices rise and rise to a completely unaffordable price point – or at least unaffordable to most potential dwellers. Why should lofts in Soho or TriBeCa be so expensive? It made me sad because I grew up in a loft in Soho.

There are lofts with extremely high end finishes and are designed by top designers which are featured in Architectural Digest etc…However, there were and are plenty of lofts that are well appointed, yet are not design dream boats. Regardless, landlords were charging exorbitant rents for the more rustic spaces, no different than the well appointed lofts.  It was sad really.  Prices had reached a critical high.  I decided at that point to stop being a broker and move out to the Hamptons and spend my time surfing.

Now I have returned to Manhattan, and I am very pleased to see lofts prices and apartment prices in the Downtown area return to more realistic price points. I’m pleased to work with landlords that are negotiable with their rents, to a realistic point, and have once again put myself in a position to represent a very healthy amount of properties in the West Village, Soho and Tribeca. I won’t forget the East Village either. The inventory is plenty and I can once again feel good about finding people homes they love and can afford.


Here are some price examples:

$8,900.00 down from $10,500.00 for a  2500 square foot  loft in Tribeca
$5,200.00 down from $6,500.00 for a 1900 square foot loft in Soho
$4250.00 even $4000 down from $5000
$3500 down from $4000……………………… get the idea.

I’m accessible and you can call me if you want to check these deals out.

I can be reached by phone: 917-653-5257 or Email

You can also view some of my inventory here:

Tiger Koehn

Lights, Cameras, West Village!

September 10, 2009

west-villageLike so many New Yorkers, one of my favorite neighborhoods is the West Village.
The West Village delights with a slower pace, charming pre-war architecture, tree-lined streets and gardens.  You can enjoy the quaint and cozy restaurants /cafes and Hollywood.
Hollywood? Say you? That’s right, Hollywood! This is just another reason to visit or live in the West Village.  On any given day, you are likely to find a TV, Cable, film production crew, actors, etc. on any number of the streets in the West Village.

Recently, I arranged to view several apartments with a client who intends on being a West Village resident. It seemed, we came upon as many film and production crews as apartments on our tour. On this fair day there were three to be exact, a cable TV production, a feature film production and a music video cable show in production, not to mention the sixty or so gorgeous models lined up in front of the Cynthia Rowley boutique.


I do so enjoy assisting clients interested in living in the West Village! Never a dull day in this part of Manhattan…Hollywood has arrived in the Village!

About Catherine:
Catherine Adams is a real estate salesperson with Benjamin James Real Estate; Chelsea, NYC.  She will gladly assist you whether you are interested in purchasing a home or renting an apartment in Manhattan.

Contact Catherine to arrange a viewing at 646-255-8224 or you can view her current listings at

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