Benjamin James Opens the Door to Any Available Apartment in New York

We have rentals to fit any budget.

From university students and early career professionals to mid-career and executive homes, Benjamin James can introduce you to the best Manhattan has to offer. There are no fee, low fee, and fee based apartments available every day.

We have thousands of apartment listings.

Our in-house database has over 24,000 listings turning over each year. With over a decade of solid relationships with major developers and private landlords in NYC, Benjamin James lists and rents Manhattan!

We streamline your home-finding process and harness your renting power.

Why waste valuable time searching for apartments that don’t meet your needs or match your financial qualifications? Benjamin James agents are experts at matching tenant needs with buildings and apartments that offer the greatest benefits of living in Manhattan, and we know best where things like guarantors, income requirements, or pets won’t slow you down on your quest.

We are Compassionate Consultants-not pushy salespeople.

We will listen to your needs and help educate you about renting in today’s marketplace. We collaborate with you in advance in order to present your application to rent in the most favorable light. In a competitive marketplace where there is often more than one application submitted for a quality apartment, having Benjamin James on your side will push your bid to the head of the line.

We cooperate with over 365 other Manhattan brokerage firms.

Sharing rental listings and ensuring one-stop shopping for Benjamin James customers. As members of the Real Estate Board of New York’s Residential Rental Committee, we exchange our listings throughout the brokerage community. Remember, not all broker listings are advertised in the paper or online. Brokers regularly transmit listing information between their offices to rent apartments, and we are partners in that exchange. Ask your Benjamin James agent about any listing you might come across-we will schedule all your viewings for you, lead you on home-finding tours, and assist you in the strategic preparation of your applications, board packages, or other negotiations.


2 Responses to “Rentals in the NYC Area”

  1. Brian O Connor Says:

    Hi There,

    I will me moving to NY in August (doing an MBA in NYU Stern). Currently living in Dublin, Ireland and do not have any prior experience of working/living in NY. Just wondering if your firm help someome in my situation with finding an apartment?


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